2pm Eastern/1pm Central

I’m on TV this Saturday!!!!! Well…put it this way…the Ironman 70.3 World Championship race from last November is on TV…and I was there…as an athlete…competing.

Now, I certainly wasn’t one of the profiled leaders and I wasn’t one of the dramatic human interest stories. Hell, I probably shouldn’t really have been there in the first place, but there I was. I know they will be featuring the likes of 76 year old Sister Madonna (a nun who still races). I think she was one of the few people I actually beat out of the water. They will also feature Rudy Garcia-Tolson and the awesome Sarah Reinertsen, both of which are physically challenged amputees competing in Ironman distance triathlons. If I make the TV screen at all, it will be when those two are on screen as I seemed to spend a lot of my time around them. Funny and inspiring all at the same time.

Make sure you TiVo the race for a little inspiration. I was the chick in the back of the pack!

2pm Eastern and 1pm Central.

There I go on the bike!


One thought on “My BIG TV BREAK!

  1. LoneStarCrank says:

    Whatdoayamean….no Al Trautwig, over emotional, sappy music, tear jerking 4 minute profiles for Carrie? Who do we need to talk to at NBC to set them straight?What a great thing to get to relive your success — on national TV! Congrats again!

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