End to an "Off Week"

Happy Easter and Welcome Back Dessert and chocolate 🙂

This was a bit of a strange week as it involved my own travel, taking friends to the airport at 4am, a night of some “tummy issues” and the Buckeyes getting their ass whooped by Florida (again) in National Championship Basketball game.

For some reason, my legs felt “dead” all week so I actually skipped all speed workouts this week and did more spinning than running.

Monday: 11 Mile Run in Columbus

Tuesday: Had a Bike Fitting at Castle Hill so it involved about 25 minutes of spinning at various levels. Not a real workout I suppose.

Wednesday: Spin Class in the a.m. and Jack and Adams Core in the p.m. which was a killer this week. Lots of plank, push ups and leg lifts.

Thursday: 30 minute swim

Friday: Noon Spin Class, strength, abs

Saturday: 15 Mile Run with Gazelles. Legs felt pretty decent, but we ran slower than usual.

Easter Sunday: 35 minute run in the morning (more like a jog), 45 min. bike ride in p.m.

So far so good on the bike fit…

This week should be interesting because it’s actually my first TRI of the season on Sunday! Shawn and I are doing a small sprint tri this weekend to kick off the season and get our butts in gear. Let’s hope the weather improves from what we had this weekend. yikes! We also have our 80’s themed couple’s shower on Saturday night, so I’m quite sure that Sunday morning is going to be a challenge. I keep telling myself that it’s just a short sprint tri and I can muddle my way through it if I have to.


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