The Tribe Mentality

If you do it, I’ll do it.

Fine. I’ll do it.

I met Thon and Richard at 6am Monday morning for an 8-mile recovery jog. Truth be told, I probably should’ve swam instead, but it’s hard to pass up morning conversation and a good sunrise. Unfortunately on Monday, there was no proper sunrise as it rained intermittently during the run. We laughed about the whole “tribe mentality” of what we do.

” Who would’ve slept in if we weren’t meeting each other to run?”
Definitely Me

“Who would’ve stopped running at Mile 2 and turned around when the rain started coming down?”


Because I had my “tribe,” we all showed up and we all did the full 8 Miles in the rain. And you know what? We were much better off for it.

Later on Monday I received an email from Shannon asking if I was going to Jack and Adams “corture” class. I loved the fact that she actually used the word in her subject line!

I said, “The clothes are in the car and barring no thunderstorms, I’ll be there.”

Oh man I didn’t want to go! It’s so easy to say, “I’ll just do it when I get home.” Truth is, the whole reason to go to the class is because I would NEVER do this at home with as much intensity.

Sure enough, I went to class because I was meeting members of “my tribe.”

There’s so much to be said for the group dynamic. While I admire those who can get up and go it alone everyday, I just can’t do it. Thank god Austin is dripping with plenty of training groups from which to choose!


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