I Got Your Surprise Right Here!

At what age does it become wildly inappropriate to grab your crotch and say, “I got your (insert descriptive) right here?!?”I hope it’s after the age of 34 because for some reason last night, I turned into a 16 year-old boy and I seemed to have EVERYTHING “right here, baby!”!

Sorry if I offended anyone at Cantina Laredo 🙂
I felt “buzzed” all day yesterday. Somewhere between nervous, anxious, and energized.
The day started with about 5 miles of fartleks with Thon. 1min fast/1min slow. While the fast minutes were definitely a challenge, the recovery minutes were more than enough. I never felt completely exhausted, which is the point. According to Gilbert, fartleks are supposed to be fun!! ha!
I had my pre-race massage with Julie at Noon. She knows exactly where that fine line is between good pain and bad pain. Because we often run together, she also knows my quirks and sore spots. Yesterday was definitely an upper leg flush–quads, IT Band, hams. It was all in preparation for Sunday’s race in Dallas. She’s given me the mojo I need. Now, it’s up to me.
Yesterday afternoon, my bosses also threw an intimate work shower for me yesterday as well. And by intimate, I mean “intimates!” They invited some of our media reps and I proceeded to open boxes of thongs, negligees and lotions in front of about a dozen women (and my co-worker Matt). I’m quite sure that added to my feeling of anxiousness! Talk about feeling weird. It was especially funny when I opened a pair of particularly sexy panties and a TV rep said, “Ooohh–I have those same panties!” I got your nasty visual right here!!
So, after the shower, Shawn wanted to meet downtown for dinner since it was such a beautiful evening. We were going to head to Cru Wine Bar, but it was closed for a private party. As we were wandering and deciding where to go, I saw a familiar figure across the road.
“It that Richard??” Sure enough, it was Richard who was heading over to Cantina Laredo to meet his wife for drinks and dinner.
Shawn abruptly asked, “Mind if we join you?”
And like that, we were headed to have dinner with Richard and Stephanie. It wasn’t until we got in the restaurant and I turned to look at the corner table and saw Stephanie sitting with Running Hubby Mike with a gift on the table that I realized I had been duped. It was a “surpise” birthday gathering for me! I got your Surprise Right Here!!
I was totally shocked, humbled, overjoyed and overwhelmed and definitely not feeling deserving of so much unselfishness from others.
What a self-indulgent day…morning run, massage, lingerie party, dinner with friends.
What’s a girl to do??
“I got your margarita and dessert Right Here!!”
It also hit me last night that as of today, I’m the old chick in my 30-34 age group!
“I got your age group Right Here Baby!” Bring it on…

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