Wilke-ck Your Ass

First day back at Gazelles on Tuesday and Skud and I dared to face the Wilke Hill Repeats. I haven’t lost a lot of fitness, but hills have definitely not been my priority. She picked me up at 5:45am and we drove over to Barton Springs and parked.
Ran Approx 2 miles to Wilke Road
7 times forward repeats
3 backwards
3 sprints up the hill
2 Mile Run Back to car

My form pretty much sucked on all of them, but I was able to get up and over the hill every time. We’re supposed to focus on high knees, but I was too busy trying to focus on not passing out. It didn’t help that it was already about 80 degrees at 6:30am. I knew I was struggling, but I think Coach was going easy on me since I’ve been slightly out of commission for the last month or so.


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