Boy or Girl?!

First comes love…

Then comes marriage…

Then comes Carrie with a…


In many ways, training for my first Full Ironman will be much like a pregnancy: I’ll be hungry all the time, exhausted beyond words, overwhelmed by the lack of time in the day, surprised by the changes in my body, excited, nervous, apprehensive and fearful. However, at the end of the third term (or training phase), I will endure pain and exhaustion, only to give birth to a new person…a beautiful person…

Boy or Girl??? F*ck that…I’m giving birth to an Ironman.

(too bad I can’t get an epidural for this one)


8 thoughts on “Boy or Girl?!

  1. Woo hoo! Funny enough, I recently read a post where a woman said she’d rather give birth again than do another Ironman… which I found interesting seeing as how I’d pick the Ironman but I’m actually staring down my first attempt at birth…

  2. Great tease…I didn’t think a “good” Catholic girl would be knocked up this early in marriage. 🙂Best of luck in your Ironman training. You will do awesome!

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