Yep..that was the big announcement that I suppose is only “big” to those who have gone the Ironman Distance or someday long to go that far in a race. To all others, it’s just a simple “whoop tee do” or a “lah de dah.” It’s even confusing to most of my non-tri friends and family (yes, I actually have some of those!).

“Haven’t you already done an Ironman?” they ask.

ME: “No…well sorta…I’ve done a few Ironman 70.3 races before which is commonly known as a Half-Ironman. This one is the real deal. The Big One.”

“You mean you’re doing the big Hawaii Ironman???” They ask shockingly since it’s the only one they know.

ME: “No…not quite. That one is like the SUPERBOWL of Ironman. You typically have to qualify to race that one…kinda like the Boston Marathon.”

“So this is a Fake Ironman?”

Me: “Never Mind…”

I’m here to testify that Iroman Arizona 2008 is in no way shape or form a “fake” Ironman. It’s definitely the real deal and, at this moment, unconceivable in my mind. The distances and the event itself aren’t totally out of the realm of comprehension. I guess what I’m having a hard time grasping is that it is ME that will be doing it.

2.4 mile swim (ha!) + 112 Mile Bike (ouch!) + 26.2 Mile Run (doh!) = Ironman Carrie

I’ve always done things on my terms and within my limits and timelines. This is certainly no exception. I wanted to wait until the timing was absolutely right. I also wanted to make sure I was doing it for all of the right reasons—not just because it was the next thing to do or all of my “friends were doing it.”

I can honestly say that this is the right time for me. I’m in a comfortable and incredibly supportive relationship, my job allows me the flexibility to train at various times, I’m about to order a new kick-ass tri bike that (unfortunately) I still have to pedal myself, but with less effort, my body is responding well to training, I’ve achieved my other life goal of running Boston, and the time of year is also perfect.

When I clicked the “submit” button on the entry form, I felt like the caller had just yelled “B12” and I had that one number open on my bingo card! You know that pent-up nervousness as you’re waiting for that one number to be called? The one that will have you shouting out loud? That “jumping out of your skin” feeling? That’s the excitement and nervousness I felt as I was signing up. Like I was about to win…Like I chose the winning ticket…Like I willed it to happen and it actually worked.

So, when the Announcer shouts out, “You Are An Ironman” as I’m crossing the finish line, I promise I will shout “BINGO” at the top of my lungs!!


4 thoughts on “"Bingo!"

  1. Wish you had chosen CdA, but I’ll be following your journey all the same. Several Houstonian Iron Chicas are doing IMAZ, so you’ll not suffer froma lack of Texans in the house.

  2. VERY cool!!! I’ll be heading tho Canada with Mike (that’s his favorite and we go every year) to support and take pics. He just finished the Pacific Crest 1/2 in 5:02. He was bummed hoping to do under 5.. !?!?!?! I’ll live vicariously through you. Congrats sister…it’s all you!

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