Pace Run-Sorta?

AM Workout
10 Mile (…make that a 7 Mile Pace Run)

I knew from the beginning it was going to be a rough run with the Gazelles.
I showed up at Runtex at 5:45am for a 10 mile pace run. On the website, it said 5 miles warm up, 5 miles fast. I’ve always done these pace runs with a Marathon Goal in mind. Since I don’t really have a Marathon Time Goal at the moment, I was estimating somewhere between a 7:50-8:00 pace for the “fast part.” After a tough 16-miles on Saturday, followed by 42 miles on the bike on Sunday, another 1.5 mile jog off the bike and a 30min swim workout on Sunday evening, I knew it was going to be a challenge.

I showed up at Runtex literally as the group was heading out. All I really heard was Gilbert trying to “seed” people according to our Tempo Run pace. Tempo pace? Huh? Now I was confused. Of course, if I would’ve gotten my butt there a little early, I wouldn’t have been in such a state of mental disarray. Next thing I know, I’m off with Liliana, Shannon and Thon not really knowing what I was supposed to do that morning or what pace I was supposed to run for the “fast” part. All I know is that even the warmup felt fast. I’m usually pretty talkative during runs, but not even a peep was coming out of my mouth (except when I said “Good Morning” to Frank on Riverside at Mile 2). It was all being used to focus and just keep up with Shannon and Liliana who were conversing like they were having their afternoon tea break.
(according to my Garmin auto splits)
Mile 1 Warmup: 8:45
Mile 2 Warmup: 8:24
Mile 3 Warmup: 8:10

I finally felt rhythmic at Mile 3. I could’ve run at this pace for hours. Unfortunately, that wasn’t what the workout called for today. Was dripping sweat and incredibly thirsty by the time Mile 4 rolled around. No water for another mile. Thon stopped at the porta-potty for a pit stop and I just kept rolling along trying to catch a draft from the quick chicks in front.

Mile 4 Warmup: 8:14

Mile 5 seemed much harder. I was really fading physically and mentally. About ½ mile from I-35 the bridge, my Garmin beeped with the 5 mile split. 7:33 pace. Whoah…Seriously? No wonder.

Mile 5 Warmup: 7:33

Stopped for water and Accelerade under the bridge and I couldn’t get enough. It was clearly a sign that I didn’t rehydrate myself enough from Sunday’s “trick” workout day. The gang started to take off for the “fast” portion of the workout (I still wasn’t sure what that pace was supposed to be) and I was still downing some fluids.

Started running again, but was well behind my group. Self-defeated, tired and just plain grumpy, I pulled off at the Lamar Bridge and called it a day after 7 miles. I pretty much jogged the last mile and damn if it didn’t feel pleasant! As I was coming towards the 0 Mile Marker, I saw Liliana and another Gazelle doing strides. Looks as if they peeled off at 7 miles as well. It was probably planned, but it felt slightly reassuring anyways. I wasn’t the only one. After having tummy issues, Thon stopped as well. Welcome back to training!

I did the whole “you suck” talk for a minute, but it didn’t take long to say, “It’s OK. You had a tough weekend. This is supposed to be a swim or recovery day anyways.”

Like a kid who is given a lollipop after falling down, I really felt much better after I stopped at Café Medici for some coffee and then headed to Deep Eddy for a soak in the cold water.

All was well again.


2 thoughts on “Pace Run-Sorta?

  1. Interesting to see your splits… Right after the water stop I started running w/ a M/W gazelle. He said we were running a 7 min pace… let’s just say we didn’t sustain that.

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