A Future Triathlete Stud

So, I was visiting my friend Susan last night and she has the most adorable 3-year-old boy named Patrick. Of course, he was a little wound up because “Aunt Carrie” was over to visit and insisted on showing me every toy, truck, ball and train he has in his possession. It wasn’t so much a “show and tell” as it was a “dump and point” demonstration. He would dump out a box of toys, point to a few of them and then move on to the next box of surprises.

Like most young kids on a summer night, Patrick was itching to ride his bicycle. But first, he wanted a popsicle. We cut a deal…Let’s go for a bike ride first and THEN we’ll get some ice cream (I’m learning good bribery parenting skills already). He still wasn’t having it. He wanted his popsicle now. I remembered I had my bike in my car (in case the mood suddenly strikes to go riding) and I said, “Let me show you my cool bicycle and we’ll ride together!” Well…that did it! He was so excited to see Aunt Carrie’s bike and insisted that I ride to the ice cream store in Old Town Buda right next to him. Well…ladies…riding a tri bike in a skirt and flip flops IS as complicated as it sounds, but very humorous nonetheless. Even though it was only about .25 miles to the ice cream store, you’d think he just rode the race of his life. He even had to climb a little hill and cross some railroad tracks–difficult for even the most experienced riders!

Our reward? A little cup of ice cream and an orange Scooby Doo Push Up. And, yes, I ate the ice cream.

Here is Patrick practicing his aero position!


2 thoughts on “A Future Triathlete Stud

  1. so proud of you for eating the ice cream….a little reminder of why we work out. so we can eat ice cream! j

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