Isn’t She Lovely?

“Isn’t She Lovely? Isn’t She Wonderful? Isn’t She Precious…”

(I sooooo would not do well on that new “Singing Bee” TV Show because I’m pretty much done after that. Stevie Wonder would be ashamed.)

In any event, there she is. The schematic of my new Crono which is being built as I type. It’s a bunch of numbers and angles and percentages that mean absolutely NOTHING to me, but will hopefully mean the world to my butt when it attempts to train for and compete in an Ironman next Spring.

The end result of all of the geekiness? a 650c Guru Crono that will look remarkably like this baby. (minus the $1600 racing wheels for now–my husband loves me, but there are limits.)

However, where this bike is blue, mine will be red. (A girl who hails from Columbus, Ohio can’t escape the glorious Ohio State colors of Scarlet and Gray. ) The sad thing? The paint job was fully customizable. I could’ve gone pink and purple, teal and red, gold and black, chocolate brown and powder blue…you name it. What did I go for instead? The colors that I’ll never tire of. The colors that I’ll never say, “What was I thinking???”

Plus, doesn’t red make you go faster?

God, I hope so…


6 thoughts on “Isn’t She Lovely?

  1. *jealousy* Red bikes do go faster! I’m still sad that my red specialized had problems and they warrantied me a black one! šŸ˜‰

  2. So many comments; so little time.The team colors comment:**singing** “DRIVE, DRIVE ON DOWN THE FIEEEEEELD, MEN OF THE SCARLET AND GRAAAAAAAAAAY”The precious fantasy comment:**coughing** “Gollum! Gollum!“You are the master of the precious.”Oh, and so many more. (I love it when you talk bike).

  3. You’ll probably be very glad you went with red. I went through a phase where I was absolutely sure I wanted a pink bike, and I must say I’m very glad I couldn’t afford said bike at the time, because now I realize I’d have gotten tired of it after a season. Now I want a red one, to match the rest of my stuff : )

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