A Wise Fortune Cookie

On Sunday night, my husband and I ate dinner at one of our favorite stir fry places in town called Firebowl Café. It’s the perfect post-swim meal for a Sunday night. I absolutely love the “veggie bar” where I get to fill up a bowl with my favorite fresh veggies that will then be stir-fried up with my sauce of choice and brown rice on the side. The beauty is that the portions are so big that you instantly have Monday lunch as well as Sunday dinner.

We ended our meal with the obligatory Asian restaurant fortune cookie and my dear boy opened his, read it and said, “I think this one was meant for you.” The cookie read the following:

You are focusing only on yourself these days.

Audible gasp…“Ouch!” I said.

Realizing that I was slightly flabbergasted, he laughed and gave me the whole, “I meant it in a good healthy way. I’m complimenting you,” reasoning. (i.e. backpedaling)

We basically both laughed it off, but I gotta admit that it stung a bit. Yes, I am focusing on myself with the scrutiny of a microscope on an amoeba, but also with the hope of making myself fitter, healthier, stonger, faster and happier. But, am I doing it to the detriment of other relationships? Am I taking all of this just a tad too far? Was he expressing some emotions in a slightly passive agressive way?

Is he right?

One thought on “A Wise Fortune Cookie

  1. I’ve neer been a ‘hardcore’ anything, rather tried to stay focused on being healthy, fit (and avoid an ass with 2 zip codes!). Triathlon can be a very selfish sport. The hours of training athletes put in are usually very demanding (if you want to get any good at it) and yes, relationships can and often do suffer. I think when something is important to us, we tend to get tunnel vision. We either assume it’s just as important to everyone around us, or expect it to be, or worse yet don’t even think about it. I’m sure your man is more than proud of you and wants to support you in everything you do, but remember to keep some balance. You have a lifetime together!

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