Cross Training Rules

Does this count as Cross Training?? God, I hope so because I totally went Roller Skating last night with Shawn, Thon, Stephanie and Hava! It was “Adult Skate” night at Playland Skate Center and it totally did NOT disappoint! Any image that you currently have in your mind right now about the good ol’ days of skating still holds true. Two Words: Xanadu, baby!

There were satin jackets, leg warmers, camaros, men and women who put their on-line gaming addiction on hold for a couple of hours, roller derby chicks and plenty of other people who still thought it was 1983 cruising along on the old-school quad skates. And then…there was us…geeks in our own right who show up thinking we were bad ass! It was a temporary leave of absence from our Gap, Old Navy and Target existence.

Let’s face it, if you need an ego boost this is the place to be on a Tuesday night! (until the person you just laughed at flies by you skating backwards as you are stumbling over the damn toe stopper!)
So, while it wasn’t an hour on the bike or a workout in the pool, it definitely worked up a sweat and worked some long unused muscles. And no….I didn’t take my lap splits on the Garmin!

Heading out tomorrow for a weekend in the mountains of Estes Park, CO. Not sure what training awaits and you know what?? I DON’T CARE!!

Workout Update for the Week:

Monday 7/30AM
Gazelle Circuit Workout about 7 miles of running including the usual core work, 10 chinups
Monday 7/30 PM
Jack and Adams Core

Tuesday AM
T3 Swim Class-2700m usual drills followed by speed set

Wednesday AM
Gazelles Mile Repeats at Zilker

Felt unusually strong today and completed 5 repeats. It was a great gauge of my speed since I haven’t really been focusing on that recently

Total milage including warm up and cool down: 10+ miles

3 thoughts on “Cross Training Rules

  1. OK, can I be frank? Sk8tr Girl’s ’80s shorts had me wondering about a whole different kind of “cross training.” Perhaps a symptom of having been 16 in 1983 and apparently not having progressed much since then.(And no, I’ve never worn a heart rate monitor during that kind of “training.”)

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