I’m only Immortal for a Limited TIme

I was just a tad upset about this morning’s disastrous swim at Barton Springs. My original goal was 5 laps (2000m). I got up late, wasn’t motivated or excited AT ALL to get in the cold water and hatched every scenario I could think of to NOT swim before I finally told myself to shut up and suck it up. Seriously, I was standing in my kitchen with my wetsuit half on and a cup of coffee in my hand still convincing myself to go back to bed because I needed more rest. We didn’t get to bed until 12:30am last night having driven back from San Antonio after the Rush concert. (By the way…that’s another trick I play on myself. I actually put my wetsuit on BEFORE I leave the house so that I won’t wuss out and skip the swim. I can only hope that I never get in a car accident and have to explain why I’m wearing neoprene rubber. )

Instead of a 7:30am start, I was now working on a 8:00am start. Already I was cutting it down to 4 laps. For whatever reason, it was as if I’ve never swam before. My form was sucking (I was overthinking it probably) and my times were way off from my usuals. Like :30 per lap. I was just getting more and more frustrated with myself and not settling in at all. “Screw It.” I did 3 laps and called it a day. While I didn’t do any more cardio for the day, I did hit core class tonight. Lots of good ab work and other strength conditioning, which I’m convinced 110% has made me a stronger runner and cyclist (but apparently NOT a swimmer).

Of course, I had to contemplate a million excuses for the piss-poor performance and it wasn’t until I looked at last week’s schedule that it all made sense. On a “recovery week,” I somehow managed to pack over 16 hours of training. That included a long run on Friday and two long bike rides over the weekend, a couple of core workouts, two swim classes and even a tempo run thrown in for good measure, plus another run and bike. No wonder why I was tired this morning!? I definitely have to look at my schedule and ease off on some of the training. However, I also have Tri 101 looming and want to go in feeling totally prepared. It’s a delicate balance, but triathletes tend to teeter on the overtraining side. Who am I kidding?? They freaking tip the scale all the way over to the over-training side.

I’m definitely not complaining, but it started to make sense. I’m really ramping it up and I was showing some fatigue.

Damn it. I’m human after all.


3 thoughts on “I’m only Immortal for a Limited TIme

  1. whew… I read the title to this entry and thought you were injured. So relieved that you just got some feedback instead 🙂 Not a bad swim at all, just your body communicating with you in the only way that you’ll listen!

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