Rest Week..By Default

This is a picture of:
1.) Lindsay Lohan as a youngster with a really funky looking joint.
2.) Some little bratty kid with a kazoo.
3.) A visual depiction of how I’m feeling this week.
And the answer is #3!
My recovery week has turned into a rest week by default. Boy am I feeling poopy!! I woke up on Tuesday morning with an achy throat and still managed to hit my morning swim class. By Tuesday night, I was feverish and in bed by 9:00pm for a solid 11 hours of sleep! I’ve been drinking plenty of fluids, taking Zicam and resting in high hopes of still being able to kick butt at this weekend’s races. It’s definitely a clear signal that I needed the break even for a few days. At least I’ll be fresh going into both the Fila Relays on Friday night and the Austin Olympic Triathlon on Monday.
Here’s to a much-needed recovery week…I just wish it wasn’t filled with so much snot!

3 thoughts on “Rest Week..By Default

  1. I know so many people, both here and in other states, who had the croop in the last couple of weeks. Summer colds were really bad this year. I’ve still got a bit of a cough 10 days later. Take it easy.

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