Creative Visualization

Been really mentally and physically focusing on my swimming. In addition to a T3 swim workout yesterday and an hour in the pool this morning, I’ve been doing lots of visual training as well, including watching videos of proper swim strokes and working out with stretch bands to strengthen my triceps. The biggest and perhaps the most powerful aspect I’ve been working on is my thoughts and feelings about “the swim” in general. I’m so used to saying and writing, “I’m a horrible swimmer” or “I suck at swimming.” Well, of course I’m a weak swimmer when I tell myself that over and over again! All I’m doing is affirming my negative feelings. In order to make a physical change, I have to begin the mental change.

My friend Jan gave me a mantra that she uses for running. When she’s feeling tired, she repeats the following: “Running swiftly and gracefully comes easily to me.” It’s a beautiful phrase filled with strength and positive reinforcement.

Swimming swiftly and gracefully comes easily to me.
Swimming swiftly and gracefully comes easily to me.
Swimming swiftly and gracefully comes easily to me.

The picture above was taken at the recent Skeese Greets Women’s Tri where I placed 2nd in my age group. I didn’t know the photo was being taken, but I do remember exactly what I was thinking at that moment before the race start.

“You can do this. I know you hate this part, but just dig deep.”
Strength…pace…power…focus…no fear

Of course, I was probably also thinking many other thoughts as well:

1. Damn, I look hot in this swim cap.

2. Remind me to just stick with Marathons next time.

3. I wonder if anyone will notice if I pee right here.

4. Why am I not sleeping at the moment?

5. Where the hell are the buoys?

6. Thank God this is only a 500 m swim.

7. What should I eat for lunch?

**thanks Liz Kreutz for letting me take a horrible screen shot of this picture** My other race photos from this event are here. Skeese Greets Women’s Tri #140


2 thoughts on “Creative Visualization

  1. You are too funny girl! The power of our thoughts is astounding. You CAN swim swiftly…let your thoughts guide you & make it happen. oh yea…you do look hot in the cap! haha!

  2. I use a mantra too and if nothing else it hypnotizes my brain and helps me stop thinking negative thoughts. I love the one from Slow Fat Triathlete: “I am awesome, I kick ass, I stay focused on my task!”Cheesy, but it makes me laugh so I go with it : )

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