Saturday: Long Run

Can I just say that I’m glad I’m not training for the Chicago or New York Marathons at the moment? (sorry for all of my pals that are) Saturday’s training run conditions were brutal. I felt sorry for those that began their 22-mile runs at 5:00am, but came to learn that that was probably the smartest thing they could’ve done.

I met my crew at 5:45am for 14 miles: Rachel, Mike, Anne, Lisette, Amy F. and a couple of others started our run from Barton Springs. It was slow going for a while, but ended up being a well-paced training run. It was also one of the most stifling training days with the thickness of humidity throughout the 14-miles. Special thanks to Rachel and Cincy Mike for pushing me without even knowing it. I wouldn’t have given it that much focus without you being in front of me the entire time!

10:11 (water stop)
11:08 (water stop)
8:26 (started stopping my watch at water stops)

Saturday afternoon was my chance to give back to the triathlon community by volunteering at packet pickup for the Dilloman Sprint Tri. It was a race that I wasn’t doing so it was the perfect oportunity for me to still take part in this way. It reminded me of how grateful I am to triathlon and it was also a fantastic and often-needed reminder of just how far I’ve come. For many participants, it was their first tri ever and they asked the questions that I now take for granted: Where do you put your bike? Do you change clothes? Where does this number go? What if I get a flat? I just tried to put everyone’s fears to rest by telling them to focus on the fun! (if only I could practice what I preach) 🙂

Serendipity also stepped in and one of the other volunteers that showed up happened to be a huge Buckeye fan from Ohio! She had just come from the bar that we watch all of the games and, of course, we had tons to talk about. She moved here from Cleveland about 3 years ago and has done multiple Ironmans. I know our paths will continue to cross throughout the football and training season, especially since we’re both signed up for Ironman Arizona. She certainly has a lot of racing wisdom to share with me and I’m here to absorb every ounce of it!

Proof positive that people into your life for a reason…


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