Pacific Northwest Here I Come…

Is there something in the air? Has the “cold front” thrown me off my rocker? Is there a full moon? Oh my word I’ve been so hormonal and off-kilter this week!! No, I’m not preggers as indicated by the main reason why my hormones are so out of whack in the first place. Hell, I’m as bloated and void of energy as Britney in her recent VMA appearance! I’ve also been so darn emotional.

It started by monitoring Ironman Wisconsin on on Sunday. Reading the blogs of those that I’ve followed and watching them cross that finish line left me weepy and inspired beyond compare. Just hearing the announcers say names, give a brief background of the athletes and shout out “You are an Ironman” was enough to send me into goosebump orbit for the next several months. It made me more and more excited for my own IM adventure on the horizon!

We even went to see “SuperBad” on Monday and I got emotional during THAT movie! Oh my God, it’s hilarious in that “Porkys” or “American Pie” kinda way, but tear-worthy? Hardly… It’s about a bunch of high school kids wanting to get drunk and have sex. Hardly a “Steel Magnolias” moment. Why did I well up? Because the main character is the funny, nerdy, fat kid and every now and then you would catch a glimpse of his vulnerability or his self-acknowledgement of who he was. For some reason, it struck a long distant chord with me. I’m still embarrassed to admit that I was emotional during “SuperBad.”

The training schedule has been totally uninspired this week…going through the motions barely. I did our Gazelle circuit workout on Monday morning along with Corture class on Monday night. Tuesday morning was T3 swim workout (my best performance of the week) and today I just got up and jogged a measley four miles. Nothing exciting…no real motivation this week. And you know what that means. My diet also falls off the wagon in a big way! I’m calling it my self-forgiveness week for now.

Work has been all shades of busy as I’m preparing to leave for vacation tomorrow. We’re going to see the Buckeyes play in Seattle and then staying in the Pacific Northwest area for the following week. Plans include visitng our friends Genny and Shane who now live in Portland. Of course, plans also include lots of outdoor activities as well—plenty of running, biking and swimming on the agenda!!

It sounds like I’ll feel much better as soon as I get outta dodge! I’m off to the Pacific Northwest. Hell, just thinking about that makes me want to cry (in a good way).

3 thoughts on “Pacific Northwest Here I Come…

  1. I guess we are just trading weeks for our “weepy moments”. You got me through mine. A couple of more days and all better. THe great thing is these swings are just like Texas weather. Just wait a minute, it’ll change. Have fun in the NW. I will miss you on Sunday for sure.kd

  2. “Steel Magnolias moment” – LOL! That (or The Color Purple) is what I pull out when I’ve got a bad case of the lingering weepies and need to force myself to have a good cry to just be done with it : D

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