Inspiration from The Air

Sometimes your life is clouded with despair, scarcity, hopelessness and sadness. You are too drenched in your own misery to see what might be above the clouds. You can’t look above the dense fog that hovers around you.
But then, there are those moments of clarity. There are those moments of utter joy and profound happiness. It is during those moments when you literally rise above the clouds and can actually look down and see the peak of your true self…your highest potential.

Those are the moments I want to continue to live for. Those are the moments we should all continue to live for.

It’s not every day you get to look out your window and see Mt. Rainier hovering just below you at 14,000ft. Beautiful indeed.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration from The Air

  1. We lived in Oregon for two years prior to Austin so your recent blog entries brought back some good entries…especially since Oregon is where I started running. I miss seeing the Cascades from my bedroom window or while enjoying a beer on my deck.

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