Rest…It Does a Body Good.

The Longhorn Half-Ironman Triathlon just beat the hell outta me and three days of complete physical shutdown and a good massage have made a ton of difference on me mentally and physically. I’m slowly but surely getting ready to hop back on the proverbial bike saddle. Somehow, I developed a nasty huge bruise on my right leg that looks like someone took a hammer to my quad. Now, I don’t remember actually running into anything during the race, but I do remember FEELING like I was being hit by a hammer. I think my quads were spontaneously combusting during the run. Can you say, “inflammation?”

In any event, it appears that this race was a little more brutal than most imagined, but I am getting the itch to move again. I know we’re all waiting for the weather to break and Fall to arrive at some point as we’re still hitting the 90s every day.

I’ve got an odd weekend of training planned:

Thursday: Swim Class
Friday: 18 mile run
Saturday: Swim Class
Sunday: Lance Armstrong “LiveStrong Challenge” Ride –40-50 miles.

Why the long run? Because I have my sights on a 50K Trail Run in December. Yep–that’s 31 miles of running. yippeeee!!!! Nothing fast for this one…It’s all about being in nature for over 5 hours (and I hear they have the best rest stop food of any race)

I’ve never actually done the Live Strong Ride so I’m looking forward to this event and a little inspirational leisure riding. no race numbers…no garmins…no splits…ahhhhh


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