Back on the Wagon

Been feeling gooey lately. It makes perfect sense. Since the Seattle/Portland trip in September, I’ve pretty much been eating everything with reckless abandon. And, I haven’t been working out as much. And I haven’t been going to core class. And I haven’t been going to Gazelles running. And I’ve been drinking too much wine. And I’ve been eating too many sweets.

We’ve all been there. I go through this phase a couple of times a year where I just say, “To hell with it all” and allow myself to eat Amy’s Ice Cream after eating Mexican food…Or a chocolate truffle after eating pizza. I know it’s actually “healthy” to allow yourself to let go for a little bit. I mean, we all can’t be perfectly healthy all of the time. We just set ourselves up for failure if we claim to live like that. However, I’m finally feeling like I’ve had enough of the self-sabotage. I want to go into the holiday season feeling trim–not gooey. Gooey is not attractive. I’ve been rationalizing it saying, “Well, with all of the Ironman training coming soon, I can eat whatever I want because I’ll burn it off anyway.” Wrong…Not always so.

I also know that I’m not a numbers girl. I’m not going to calculate my calorie intake vs. basal metabolic rate and divide it by my vo2 max and all of the other B.S. that I’ll never do. I’m simply going to lay a few ground rules for the next several weeks. Thankfully, the hubby’s in it with me. Together, we’re going to focus on less sugary indulgences.

1.) Dessert only ONCE per week. Choose wisely.

2.) Two drink MAXIMUM when I do have drinks. And NO Margaritas! Thank God I love wine.

3.) Only eat out 2-3 times per week, including lunch. This is definitely another weakness of mine.

4.) Continue to make healthier food choices overall…lean protein, veggies, fruits, etc.

That’s it…no deprivation. no starvation. Just getting back to the basics!


One thought on “Back on the Wagon

  1. The sheer complexity of the numbers keeps me honest on the diet end. I can’t do the math to find out what I need to do to recover from the pizza.< HREF="" REL="nofollow">home therapy<>

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