The Making of "Little Miss Sunshine 2"

I am so “Olive” from the movie Little Miss Sunshine.

I am the type of dork who would sign up for some lofty and crazy goal and convince my family and friends that they have to drive across the country to watch me compete in something that I don’t have a hell’s chance of winning! 🙂

It’s official. We are in the process of making “Little Miss Sunshine 2!!!” We’ll call it, “Little Miss Ironman” and it stars…well…me, of course…and some of the most amazing group of friends EVER. We’re getting a big RV compliments of Steph’s boss (we hope) , saddling up and driving cross country to Ironman Arizona next April!! What will we discover about each other along the way? Many things I’m sure! I’m sure there will be many tears, fights, laughter and hugs. All I know is that I get a bed and all toilet privileges. I also get to pick where we eat from Austin to Tempe. As much as this group loves serious Tex Mex, we may have to suspend the urge for a couple of days. Or–while they’re gnawing on carne guisada, I’ll be sporting my bland chicken and pasta dishes. (I would never want to keep Thon from Tex-Mex.)

Why do I have a feeling this is what the race course will look like at Mile 20 as my pals and husband are riding alongside of me??

I cannot wait for this adventure and I swear the thought of the race is so secondary to all of the fun we’re going to have on the open road.

I just hope I don’t have to do the “Superfreak” strip-tease at the end of my race when I’m crossing the finish line! On second thought…I just might!

4 thoughts on “The Making of "Little Miss Sunshine 2"

  1. Sorry, Carrie. Too late. Your marathon splits put you firmly in the “superfreak” category. If I ever manage that pace, I’ll shortly thereafter wake up because it was all a dream.

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