I received a plethora of blogging inspiration this morning courtesy of our Gazelle Fartlek workout! “Brian’s Group” consisted of Brian (duh…), Alicia, Rachel, Dan, Mike, myself and a few other guys I haven’t really trained with yet. I’ve yet to formulate the humorous piece that will emerge from this morning’s run, but suffice to say, I will!!

The actual fartlek run was entertaining enough after Gilbert’s pep talk of “running happy” this morning! He’s definitely on a “high” being that this is the week of the “Run for the Water 10 Miler” benefiting his foundation. He made it clear that it’s our week to shine as Gazelles. I’ve been so caught up in so much of my own stuff that I really forgot about this event. It was 5:45am, but I was inspired to sign up to do this event and wear my Gazelle-gear with pride. Hopefully, I can get Shawn to run it with me and just do it for fun.

My legs felt surprisingly well during today’s 7 mile run that featured 2 miles of warm up, followed by 12 x 1:00 fast/slow repeats followed by a 2 mile cool down. I think a lot of it had to do with my T3 Spin Class from last night. We did a lot of high cadence work and only “light” hill climbing. I was glad to see my T3 IMAZ partner-in-crime Katy show up as well. She’s always good for a laugh especially when it pertains to saddle positioning! There’s just nothing comfy about it, especially when a bulk of the workout is done in the aero position, putting even more pressure on “those parts” (AKA, “the big flapper”)– 🙂
The most exciting event of the evening for me was the fact that T3 finally picked up their Vasa Swim Trainer from Austin Tricyclist. I’ve been bugging Coach Maurice for a few weeks now to get it in their training center as I’ve read so many wonderful things about how this machine helps you achieve the proper stroke position, builds the correct muscles and is just an overall good way to do some dry land training when you can’t get to the pool.

Well, I must’ve done something right because my lat and tricep muscles hurt like a bee-otch today!! While some of the crew was doing core work, I was strokin’ away on the Vasa looking like a geek and loving every minute of it. I figured since I bugged them so much to get it, it’s only right that I monopolize it! Others were intrigued with this new toy, and I was surprised that so many people had no idea what it was. I guess I’m the only dork out there researching ways to improve my swim stroke.

Now, if only I could find something to strengthen “those parts” so that it doesn’t hurt so much on the saddle!

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  1. That gizmo looks really weird. Congratulations for trying. I would be entangled in that thing.Thank you very much for your advice. I will rest my knees for sure (Marathon day, Sunday after Thnxgivin’ so it will give me days off work too!!!)I believe that “speeding” at the beginning was the cause, but I am happy it happened last Sat, and not on Nov 25 when due to excitement of the race I could make that mistake….sincere-leelizzie lee

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