How NOT To Land on the Podium at a Race

There are many ways you can lose a podium spot at a race.

1.) Getting a Flat Tire

2.) Bonking

3.) Crashing your bike

4.) Dropping out of the race

5.) Being Placed in the Wrong Gender on the Results

Can you guess which one just happened to me today?

I’ll state the obvious. I’m not the most feminine chick out there. In fact, I’m downright scrappy and I’m definitey not a “girly girl.” BUT–I’m all vuh-jay-jay and yet somehow I ended up in the Male 35-39 year old age group in today’s “Frost Your Fanny” Duathlon!!

The good news: I still placed 8th in Male 35-39

The bad news: I wasn’t able to claim my 2nd Place Age Group award in the Female 35-39 age group since I wasn’t listed as a chick!!

Total Time: 1:53:18

5k Run #1: 21:13 (6:51 pace)
21 Mile Bike: 1:07 (18.6 mph)
5k Run #2: 22:21 (7:13 pace)

#10 Overall Female

#2 in 35-39 Female Age Group–I’m not 35 years old yet, but USAT Rules make you race in the age group that you will be in that year. Talk about making me feel older than I should be!!

Here I am listed in the Male Age Groups 35-39 🙂 before it goes away.

Don’t worry-I’ve already contacted the race director 😉 In fact, his wife is sitting on my couch right now watching the Packers game and she’s not leaving until it’s fixed!


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