There are some pretty hot legs in the world:

Tina Turner has her legs insured they’re so famous.

Marilyn had some sexy gams (or at least President Kennedy thought so)

and as strange as it may seem, cleanly shaven male cyclist legs are also pretty darn sexy.

Currently, here are the state of my legs:

Yep, they pretty much feel like tree logs with the beating I’ve given them this week starting last Saturday, January 19th!

Saturday, January 19th: 60 mile indoor training ride

Sunday, January 20th: Frost yer Fanny Duathlon that was full-on assault from my toes to my hips.

Monday, January 21st: 1000m Meridan repeats in the afternoon. I did 4x repeats, 3 backwards and 3 sprints (4:44, 4:50, 4:44, 4:50). I was still so exhausted and beat up from the tempo effort from the day before.

Tuesday, January 22nd: Morning Swim Workout and 1hr 45 min Evening Indoor Training ride where we pushed the big chain ring and hard gears for most of the workout.

Wednesday, January 23rd: Gazelle 7-Mile Fartlek workout with 10 1min fast/1min slow repeats thrown in between the warm up and cool down.

Needless to say, my legs are the functioninh equivalent of a pumpkin that’s been tossed out of a window from 20 stories high. Unfortunately, I’m a little nervous because this weekend doesn’t get any easier on them.

Thursday AM-Indoor Trainer Workout

Saturday AM- 75 Mile Bike Ride

Sunday AM-22 Mile Run

I’d like to say that “I’ve got a leg up” on the competition, but I’m not even sure I have legs at the moment!


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