Am I Breaking the Cardinal Rule of Racing?

Last month, Ironman Event Stores held a big sale on their Ironman merchandise. I couldn’t help it. I proceeded to the Ironman Arizona page and perused the goods. A lot of it was 2007 Finisher Gear, which I am NOT. However, there were a couple of items that I couldn’t resist–an Ironman Arizona cool-max shirt and visor. Neither has a year on it and neither says, “Finisher.” Therefore, neither are off limits to this 2008 participant.

Now I ask:

Am I breaking the cardinal rule of racing by wearing a shirt or donning a visor prior to an event I haven’t yet completed? Am I disrespecting the sport or jinxing myself? I’m torn…

I mean, c’mon…look how many people push their kids in Ironman strollers along the trail. I’m sure a great majority of those parents don’t even know what an Ironman is. Plenty of people wear their Ironman Brand watches and probably can’t even walk a mile, let alone complete an Ironman. Ironman has branded itself on body scales, coffee, cars and other items with no law saying you have to be a Finisher to use.

So, really, am I breaking the law if I sport my shirt or am I just overly confident?

6 thoughts on “Am I Breaking the Cardinal Rule of Racing?

  1. i couldn’t do it. ironman watches are different. they aren’t a specific race. i’ve been wearing DB’s London Marathon sweatshirt. i’m hesitant everytime. what if someone asks me about it? knowing i won’t be running it is the only way i can were it guilt free. p.s. nice kitchenj

  2. Hmmm. I bought racing wheels which means I have to do the race. So you bought a shirt, so you have to finish, right?logic from your buddy,kd

  3. I dunno. I think it is a great motivator. If you wear the gear to prep for the race, you will be training even more with a mindset for that race day. I say go for it, and if people ask, tell them you are gearing up for the big day. Besides, 99% of the people who might ask could never finish a half marathon, even less an Ironman.

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