My Game Face is Back On

Is it gross when a chick spits? God, I hope not because I’ve been hockin’ some doozies this week…my “remnants” from being sick last week with the wintertime crud. Real ladylike, huh?

It’s been back to the game plan this week with full-on T3 workouts.

Monday, February 11, 2007
Went to the T3 run workout on Monday night. The Gazelles are gearing up for the At&T Marathon this week so their workouts are just quick taper runs. I’ve never gone to a T3 run workout before and, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting it to be as challenging as it was. I guess it’s what you make it and I always try to push myself on my run workouts as I feel that’s when I’m going to need to muster the most Ironman strength. Anyways, we did 1000m repeats. I assumed they would be on the track, but Logan threw a curve ball and made the 1000s up 12th Street (which just happens to be directly in front of my house). We ran up the hill to Meridan and back down again for each repeat. So, it was also a hill workout in addition to some speedwork! Damn him!!! I did a mile warmup, followed up 7 x 1000m repeats…

4:40 (cool down)

Tuesday, February 12th
AM T3 Swim Class: First swim workout after a week off…Didn’t feel as graceful as it has been. I led our lane of four for the first two swim sets and then relinquished those duties realizing that I wasn’t going to be able to keep that pace for long. There’s so much pressure to lead a lane when there are others literally grabbing at your toes. It was an honor while it lasted since I’m not known for my swim leadership skills! 3200m total

PM T3 Spin Class: My extended workout dates with T3 continued last night with the Tuesday night spin class taught by Coach Pain (Chrissie). She’s a freaking machine and never seems to fatigue with her coaching and training. Last night’s 1:30 minute workout focused on some high cadence sets. Fine with me since I’m not big into the big heavy gears.

Wednesday, February 13th
10-Mile AM Run with Thon and Amy: Enjoyed a much needed 10 mile run with my pals Thon and Amy. My time with them has been so limited with other training obligations, travel, etc. It’s always wondeful to turn off the training mind and just run for the fun and friendship of it. It was a trip through campus and Hyde Park on a beautiful cool morning. I screwed up my watch so I have no idea what pace we ran. Still feeling some fatigue and sore muscles, but I’ve just gotten used it.

PM Jack and Adams Core??? That’s the plan!


One thought on “My Game Face is Back On

  1. If you can spit well it’s ok. I laugh when I see people male or female spit and it gets all over them. Or the people that don’t look before they spit. Gotta make sure you don’t hit anyone with those luggies.

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