Carrie Barrett Making the Team: 2008

Here is my submission video for Team Evotri!

Vote for me by going to

Send an email to with my name in the subject line.

Thanks to the Evotri Sponsors: BMC, Cyclops, Zipp, Vision Quest Coaching, SRAM and 2XU

Thanks to my current sponsors:
My husband and his wallet


13 thoughts on “Carrie Barrett Making the Team: 2008

  1. Voted for you. Liked your sense of humor in the “Get Your Geek On” podcast. Good luck in your training for IM and in the contest!!

  2. Nice! I voted for you. It was a much easier decision than the primaries will be! 🙂If you have time, can you recommend a bike trainer?

  3. Y’all (in my humble Texas accent)- Thank you so much for the comments and votes. It’s already been worth it! I can’t tell if I’m gaining friends or losing friends with the “vote for me” emails, but it’s been a hoot! Keep ’em coming!

  4. Congrats and good luck with your Evotri submission!And I wouldn’t worry too much about rain in Phoenix in April.These are our winter rains. Summer rains don’t come until mid-late July.You will actually be HUNTING for water of any kind to splash in to get wet if them temps are any where near what they have been the last couple of years! Best of luck with training and racing!

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