I don’t know if this is funny or pathetic. If nothing else, this proves my sincere passion and determination for winning this competition and becoming a member of Team Evotri.

I’m sitting by the ocean in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and the first thing I thought about this morning was logging on-line and checking to see if I made it to the Final Four! Well, it’s officially Margarita time, because I’m in!!  
More information to follow, but for now, get geared up to vote one last time!  I really need your help and support starting NOW through this Friday, February 29th!
Send an email directly to and put CARRIE BARRETT-FINAL ROUND in the subject line.
Once again, tell all of your friends… because THIS is truly the vote that determines the winner!
…and now…time to go snorkeling 🙂

3 thoughts on “FINAL FOUR-LET’S HIT IT!

  1. Oh my, I do not know you and voted for you! hahahaha. Someone sent me your blog link a month or so ago because I am training for my first Ironman. We have several common friends here in Austin…anyway, good luck and enjoy Cabo.cheers, Cathy Bridge

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