Thank You

Thank you for this. The Austin American-Statesman came through in a big way with an on-line blog article. A couple of comments at the end suggested that people should look at all of the videos and truly decide who to vote for. I couldn’t agree more. Believe me, you’re only seeing four of them. There were dozens of videos that everyone should’ve seen that just didn’t happen to make it. Each of the four remaining participants is equally passionate, nervous and incredibly excited about this opportunity.

Back to training this week!

Monday: 7 mile treadmill run–“hill work”
Tuesday: 7 mile treadmill run–“hill work”
Wednesday: 7 mile run on Town Lake
Thursday: 5:45am swim class followed by an 8:30am cycling workout. I’ll head back to the training center in the evening for core work and another cycling workout.
Friday: 2.4 mile swim in Barton Springs
Saturday: 100+ mile bike ride followed by an hour run brick
Sunday: AM Swim class followed by 15-17 mile run

Now, if I can just get my eating under control again! Lots of useless calories in the form of breads and desserts….

Evotri voting deadline for the final round is THIS Friday night! To vote for me, send an email to: and put CARRIE BARRETT-FINAL ROUND in the subject line.

Please, only one vote per person.

2 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. I thought I saw you on the TLT this morning, but I guess that was someone else. Good thing I didn’t yell something loud and embarassing as I was tempted to do. 🙂 Good luck!

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