It’s Your Right and Your Decision

Early Texas Primary voting ends today so please exercise your right and vote! The actual primary is this Tuesday, March 4th and I can’t tell you how exciting it is to be able to make a presidential vote in Texas that may actually make a difference! These are certainly exciting times in our country.

Oh yeah–there’s this other election called Team Evotri . Voting for this also ends tonight at 12mid/pst. View the 4 remaining videos at and cast your one email vote!

If you want to vote for me, send an email to and put CARRIE BARRETT-FINAL ROUND in the subject line. Then, just hit send!

Thank so much to everyone who has made your voice heard loud and clear round after round! The response and support from my friends, family, training groups and community-at-large has been amazing. It’s all over tomorrow and I’ll hopefully know first thing in the morning before my 100 mile ride.

Thanks again for voting in both elections!

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