Seriously, WTF?!?!!?

So, when I last left you on Friday afternoon, I was in a blissful state of post-exercise euphoria. I had completed a tough brick workout and was preparing for a relaxing Easter weekend with friends and family.

And then…

Six hours later I was sick as a dog and throwing up every hour from about 9pm-5:30am. I had tried to have dinner with Stephanie and Shawn on Friday evening, but could barely hold my head up long enough to even contribute to the conversation.

On Saturday, the only thing I managed to do was toast a muffin and try to drink water. I was tired, listless, weak and dehydrated from wretching all night long. I literally didn’t have the strength to walk upstairs or even get off the couch for that matter. By early afternoon, our living room had become a triage. Two liters of saline later and it still took me over three hours to pee! We were supposed to be going to San Antonio, but I was stuck in my comatose-like state. We attempted to watch some TV on Saturday night, but I dozed off on the couch at 9pm.

Gotta love an unexpected i.v. needle!

The saline bag hanging from our back door

That face-down blob wearing the pink shirt/maroon shorts is me.
Of course, our cat Brutus is laying on me like usual.

I awoke Sunday morning and felt only slightly better. I was still just so weak. I slept in the car on the way down to San Antonio, vaguely remember church and definitely wasn’t good company at brunch since I spent most of it in the bathroom. My dear patient husband had given me some wonderful anti-nausea meds and it helped so much. Unfortunately, the poison that was in my body had moved from my upper GI down to my lower GI. (I spare all of the details) It’s sufficient to say that my body was still in revolt and trying to get rid of whatever it picked up by any means necessary.

Once back at my in-laws, I just went to bed for a few hours. My frequent bathroom trips were at least humorous and had lost their embarrassment hours before. Fortunately, my Mother in Law also had some prescription immodium and other drugs which helped tremendously. (this family is prepared for ANYTHING!) I couldn’t help but laugh when I was laying on the couch and my tummy was churning, gurgling and growling like an alien. There was nothing discreet about it.

To this moment, I have no earthly idea what happened or what is going on with my body. (Although, the post-workout chicken burrito is the only thing concrete I can point to that may have been the culprit). I was doing fine and then WHAM!!!

Thank God it happened with three weeks to spare! I still have zero energy right now so I’m just going to lay low and see what the rest of the week brings. I’m definitely not pushing it at this point.

Until then, time to rehydrate!


14 thoughts on “Seriously, WTF?!?!!?

  1. I am so sorry! Yuck for you! You will be your regular self very soon. You amaze me with your resilience. I will see you this week.Take care,kd

  2. One of our IMAZ group got laid low this weekend as well. You’ll bounce back. But DO NOT workout until you are symptom free or else you risk permanent damage to your immune system. The hay is in the barn. Don’t sweat the race. (e-mail if you want info).BTW–Cameron Brown was worshiping the porcelain god until 24 hours before winning IM New Zealand in 2007.

  3. Good Lord what happened to you????? Quit eating those raw eggs. You’re getting enough protein without them. ha! I’m so sorry. Food poisoning blows. I’ve had it way too much recently. Feel better!!!!!

  4. Gosh…that is horrible. I am glad you surrounded with a lot of help!! Take the right time to feel 100% before pushing it…or it could come back worse. Yes, I am speaking from experience!!!I wish I could see you finish AZ!! you are gonna rock it!!

  5. Oh goodness!! I hope you are getting better! Part of me almost wants to get sick soon because I feel like if I’m sick now, I won’t be sick in 3 weeks! I know it doesn’t necessarily work that way, but I’m just sitting here waiting to get sick too!

  6. So bummed to hear you’ve been so sick! I hope you’re on your way to recovery. Good thing you can get those home IV’s!!! Next time I get sick, I’m coming over!!

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