Ironman Village and Race Prep


Flexing my Ironman muscles with Flat Stanley

Shawn and I inside Ironman Village (trying to act like I’m not nervous)

Mom and Dad wondering why the hell I would do this…and also wondering why so many men wear speedos here. It sure beats the weather in Ohio right now!

T3 Team Pose after a carb-loading lunch! Trust me, no alcohol was consumed. (until later)

Katy and I showing off the IM Vehicle!

Mo, Katy, me and Ralph in front of my IM Vehicle “The Grand Carrie-Van”
Ok–so after doing packet pickup, we came back to the house so that I could practice my swim 
:-)…and, of course, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

8 thoughts on “Ironman Village and Race Prep

  1. Hey Carrie, did you get the name of the guy behind you in that one pic of you & your folks?? WOW!! If you see him again, tell him I’ll be there tonight!! God, I love Ironman!!!

  2. we are loving this! take care of yourself and celebrate AFTER the race. we’ll be thinking of you! have fun!karen

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