Official T-Shirt of Team Carrie-zona (Yes, that’s a Block O for all you Buckeyes out there…Thanks Matt and Amy!)

The Carrie Sky Box (no better seat in the house to view the Lake and the Marathon)

At 2 pm it’s 94 degrees with winds gusting to 23mph…and it’s only April here. These are extremely difficult conditions in which to spectate much less compete. Please send your prayers and positive thoughts Carrie’s way. She’s on her last loop of the bike course, which will then be followed by a “cool down” marathon.  I said MARATHON!!!!! 26.2 miles!!! Running is her forte, but she rarely even thinks about running in conditions like these. I know she loves a challenge though.

Good news for fellow Austinite James Bonney (of Team Jack and Adam’s) who is currently in 2nd place on the second (of three) loops of the run…a mere 1 minute behind.  Go James!!  Our Gazelle tent is less than ten yards from the run course and we can see each runner 6 times (amazing). I can’t wait for my Wonder Woman to come by….our presence will be known.

Stay tuned.


7 thoughts on “HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

  1. i just got back from a 5 mile run in vegas. it felt really hot and it is only 82 degrees here. good luck in the heat. just think that the heat will allow you to beat smoke your competitors.

  2. Shawn – you guys are doing a great job manning the blog. We just got back from Caroline’s soccer tourney…and now I am catching up on Carrie’s progress. Sounds like she is kicking some serious boo-tay!

  3. I like the picture of Team Carrie as they are in various stages of fatigue underneath the tent. They’re wiped out just watching, so how is it that Carrie is the one who looks the best today? 🙂

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