This just in – run leg 1

For the first 3.5 miles, Carrie’s pace was a solid 9:29, right where she planned it. And she looks strong and happy, doesn’t she! Only time will tell how many folk she picks off during the run, but she’s off to a fantastic start.



7 thoughts on “This just in – run leg 1

  1. Go Carrie Go! You are my idol! I am so proud of you – unbelievable times. Your swim was so stong. I’m in Vegas…wish I could be with you, but thanks Shawn (hubby #1) for make it happen for us slobs. Hi Rosanne, Hi Tom!

  2. Way to go Carrie, job not just well done, it was superb! Congratulations on your tremendous achievement. Now rest and enjoy the remainder of your vacation.Regina

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