12:16:40! Carrie da bomb!


38 thoughts on “OMGWTFIMAZ!

  1. yeeeehaaaaaa Carrie – I saw you finish on the video all the way over in NZ! God I love technology.Enjoy the beer and the hot tub – you are a rock star!!!! Wot a FANTASTIC TIME!

  2. Carrie,You are a friggin’ machine!Can’t wait to hear all about it. As for now, get some rest… and take a shower for Pete’s sake, jeesh!Stay tuned…

  3. All that, and Carrie goes negative split on the marathon, too. Way to go, Carrie! I hope all those folks you passed since the water leg realize who they’re dealing with now!

  4. Congratulations Carrie!!!!! You are an inspiration to us all……Can’t wait to hear all about your awesome experience.Lisa D.

  5. Congratulations Carrie, Sooo proud of you!! Wow, what an incredible time you did, you ROCK!!!! Have a wonderful rest of your trip, get some rest and have a blast, you deserve it!Happy Camper!Deb & Wayneoooo

  6. Wow. You are an Ironman. So few can make that boast. Who said there is no crying in reading results? I don’t remember when I have been prouder!Great great work! Incredible feat!Luv ya!

  7. Carrie!Psychedelic kowabunga monkee nutzzz! You did it!! (Like there were any doubts!!??) I too saw your finish live on here in Reynoldsburg, Ohio! You are an amazing athlete, and am inspired by you and proud of you! You triple rock!!– K.W.F.S.

  8. Carrie – I just checked out the final results on Ironmanalive, and now I am even more impressed. How good did it feel to pick people off throughout the bike and run? You get out of the water in 1278th place…finish the bike in 1049th…and complete the race in 471st place. Awesome! Top 25% finish–Wow!

  9. Carrie….YOU KICKED SOME SERIOUS AZ!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! I was watching all day long….good gravy, your running legs were strong for that marathon. Enjoy the rest and vacation…I look forward to seeing you and giving you a HUGE HUG!!You rock.

  10. Awesome job Carrie- never once doubted you would finish and finish with a fast time! What a great time for your FIRST IM!!! I have a feeling you are gonna do this again one day:)I am impressed! Rock on!

  11. Wholly Mackeral!Way to tear up your first Ironman!You freak’n rock! We’re very happy for you. Keep inspiring us!Raul and Tacy

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