Quick update

remember Carrie’s pace for the first 3.5 miles? 9:29? Well, for the next 8.5 she knocked out a 9:28! Are negative splits the order for the day? Stay tuned to find out!



6 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. Carrie – unless you are having hallucinations about Mother Theresa like you did during Columbus a few years ago, I bet you are now daydreaming about pigging out on massive quantities of pizza, downing a couple of beers, then having a few more while soaking the night away in your hot tub. 13 more miles to go. You rock.

  2. Carrie–you’re a complete stud. Nice work; keep it going. Raul and I are going out for ice-cream, but we’re cheering you on from the virtual sidelines!

  3. Man, We are sitting around the house cooking burgers and drinking wine, how do you do it!!!! I am soo proud of you girlfriend!! Shawn, thanks so much for all of the updates, makes you feel like you are really part of such and incredible day. Cheersto Carrie-zona….Deborah & Wayne

  4. Carrie- I’ve been watching for you live on the net for the past hour and just saw you come across the finish line. You looked AWESOME! Great Job! I’m so proud of you!.26Lynn

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