A New Day…

I walked to work yesterday!  It was a total “chamber of commerce” day in Austin with perfect sunny skies and a high around 80. This sounds harsh, but lately I’ve been feeling a little more released from the prison of mandatory training. I took advantage of this new-found time and decided to walk the 3+ miles each way to and from work yesterday.

Well…I might be a good runner and a decent triathlete, but let me tell you– I am ONE CRAPPY WALKER!! I got “chicked” by a pregnant woman on the trail! I mean, she didn’t just pass me, she blew by me like she was floating on air and I was walking through quicksand. Either her fetus had wings or she was in labor because she was on a mission. Seriously, I wanted to go up to her (if I could catch her) and say, “I just did an Ironman,” but then I realized what she is going to do in a few months is far more miraculous and stupendous than exercising for 12 hours straight. She’s creating a life. Apparently, I’m trying to end one!! 

Elderly, tots, strollers, turtles…you name it. I was being passed left and right. My type-A irrational mind wanted to kick into race mode. Hell, I was even looking at calves for ages to see if it really mattered that they passed me (as if I was going to get an age group award in the “those who walk to work” category) 

I guess that’s the LAST time I try to listen to Oprah and Eckhart Tolle’s podcast of “A New Earth,” which is all about getting rid of the egoic mind and living in the present moment.  🙂

6 thoughts on “A New Day…

  1. you earned the right to chill out and besides…..walking to work….good god lady you are saving the earth…thats heady stuff…i am with you on the significance of giving birth….wow….enjoy the week and all those ear to ear grins because you…yes, you…carrie are an Ironman….

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