How Do You Say "Training" in Italian? Who cares!

Five days to Italy and I cannot wait! Of course, everyone knows how stressful it is to go on vacation too and this week will certainly test those limits. I want to leave work with my many projects at an acceptable stopping point so that the burden of guilt won’t be too heavy when I leave. (although the second that plane hits the air on Saturday morning, I’m pretty sure all guilt will dissipate.) 

I had a great weekend of workouts, mixed with lots of relaxation and fabulous meals. I did my 2000m open water at Barton Springs on Friday morning. I felt a little “off,” but it was still a decent swim overall. (43min) It was great to see Katy, JD and a couple of other T3’ers also out there braving the cold water.

On Saturday, Skud, Shawn and I met the Gazelles for our 14-mile Grove Run. Getting up at 5:30am on a Saturday morning wasn’t fun, but watching the sun rise as we ran East over the lake made it so worth it. Plus, it was great getting to run with the Saturday morning Gazelle group again. It has certainly been a while and I think I was glowing from everyone’s kind words, hugs and hi-fives throughout the morning. Just when I think I’m coming down from the Ironman high, I see someone who asks about the race and it just gets me so pumped up and giddy all over again. Thanks for indulging me and my ego 🙂

It never felt like we were running that fast during the 2 hours. In fact, I felt a little sluggish, but we ended up averaging about 8:30s for the 14 miles overall. Shawn kicked butt as well and kept up with us until he diverted off the trail and ran home for a total of 13 miles!

On Sunday, I hit the T3 Morning Swim workout. Again, I felt really sloppy today and my stroke seemed off. I still did ok, but my stroke count was WAY TOO HIGH. Time to focus on that catch again… On Sunday afternoon, Shawn and I headed out for a tough 50 mile ride. We left from our house and rode up 360 to 183 and on our way back south, we hit Bee Caves and did that loop before heading back home. Hills, Hills, Hills. Buffalo Springs 70.3 has some killer hills, so we’re just getting in the practice. Again, I struggled, but still ended up averaging over 16mph in the hills and wind. It felt hard, but I still think my progress over the last year is incredibly evident. It might not feel like it at times, but I know it’s there. 

Last night, we headed down to Canyon Lake to meet Shawn’s parents for dinner at a very yummy Italian restaurant, capping off a wonderful weekend!!

I also finally committed to a Fall Marathon after waffling back and forth. This morning, I officially signed up for the incredibly popular Marine Corps Marathon in late October. It falls perfectly after my last triathlon and our trip to Kona to watch the Ironman World Championships in person!  I’ll be like a kid a Disney World when we go to Kona.  If anyone doesn’t want their slot, I’ll take it!!

6 thoughts on “How Do You Say "Training" in Italian? Who cares!

  1. First of all, Italy is awesome.Secondly, Dave and I were thinking of going to Kona this year to witness Ironman firsthand, but we’re waiting to see if I got into St. George’s Marathon to figure out what our vacation plans are.

  2. I don’t how to say “training” in Italian, but “BRAVO” to you for your workouts this weekend!! I’m trying to do some running in the afternoons to get ready for that good ole’ Texas heat in June.The Marine Corps Marathon will be a great way to top off a fun fall season!

  3. Italy??? VERY cool. Advice I didn’t use in my recent travels and regret: Use a money belt, not a backpack or purse. Make copies (front and back) of all credit cards and your passport. Oh, and HAVE A BLAST!!!

  4. you are getting right back into the flow..and thats cool….but i envy you on your trip to italy.. i love the language, its is so beautiful to listen to…wish i could understand it.have heard billions of things about marine corp…thats a great event..and yes, coach tammy is right on with her advice…be careful…

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