Calorie Carpe Diem

This is the crap I deal with at work on a daily basis!! For some reason, the banana just doesn’t look as appealing as the blueberry/cream cheese danish and the pecan roll!

Does anyone outside of Mexico and Texas celebrate Cinco de Mayo? As I learned last night, it celebrates a long-ago battle when Mexico beat up on France. Not to be a hater, but who hasn’t beat up on France at one time or another?? Cinco de Mayo is now primarily a holiday to celebrate Mexican heritage and pride by drinking a lot of margaritas.

It’s also a holiday where Carrie obviously feels the need to celebrate with her neighboring country by drinking margaritas and eating like a gluttonous fat pig! We went to the most “unMexican” restaurant last night (Moonshine for the Austinites) and still managed to partake in some margarita action. The one thing I remember from my Weight Watchers days is that margaritas have like 5 points each and that shit adds up fast! So do the appetizers, entree and my share of the THREE desserts that the 7 of us ordered. Bread pudding, peanut butter pie and apple crisp aren’t exactly endorsed by Valerie Bertinelli these days, ya know? Of course, at that moment, I didn’t care! Woo Hoo–I’m going to Italy this week. I’m celebrating for the next three weeks! Live every day like it’s your last!

Well, I definitely want to live every day like it’s my last, but I don’t want my last day on earth to be in a freaking sugar-induced diabetic coma! Needless to say, I got home last night and told my husband that I wasn’t getting up early to go to swim or workout. And guess what?! I sure as heck didn’t and now feel more crappy and lethargic as a result! I actually went on a 2-mile walk at lunch with some co-workers and that helped a smidge. I still hate when I fall off the wagon though and I seem to be dragging behind that thing in a big way right now. I haven’t stepped on the scale since I was weighed at Ironman (that was fun) and I’m probably better for it. I can feel a difference already. Real or conceived, I feel heavy, sluggish, gooey and soft. (and not in a good way) I’m watching my belly pooch reemerge from the fortress I had built for it before the race.

I’ve discovered a major thing about myself. I respond well when a plan is devised and laid out for me step by step. I do well when I am “coached” and have some accountability in the plan. Therefore, when I return from Italy in June, I’m going to see a nutritionist to help outline some good meal plans for my activity level. I definitely know my weaknesses–sugar, sweets, wine and portion control. I’m not really a bread or salt girl, but I’ll save room for a chocolate godiva lava cake anyday! I just want someone to help devise some meal plans and food lists I should and shouldn’t eat because quite frankly, it can be confusing even for well-researched dummies like me. Is wheat bad? What about peanut butter consumption? Is it ok to have one glass of wine a night? I hear it’s heart healthy, but it’s also over 1,000 extra calories per week. That means I have to cut elsewhere. I’ve improved a ton over the years and most of my meals consist of plenty of fruits, veggies, grains and lean protein. It’s those moments of temptation (social events, candy at work, etc.) that I fail 95% of the time. Seriously–95% of the time.

So…a couple more weeks of “Calorie Carpe Diem” and then it’s time to hop back on that wagon for the 2 Half-Ironmans and 1 Marathon I’ve committed to between June and October! I just hope I’m not too slow to catch the wagon!


9 thoughts on “Calorie Carpe Diem

  1. Great post Carrie. It is so inspiring to read how far you have come. Currently being on WeWa I skipped out on the Cinco De Mayo calorie fun.

  2. You obviously have developed a keen awareness of your body and weaknesses. However, I think you are being a little tough on yourself. Just 3 weeks ago you put your body through one of the most difficult tests imaginable. It will take time to recover and replenish and reward yourself for the effort. You have ingrained such good habits into your life that a few weeks of celebration is not going to set you back. No doubt you will get back to your training and kick some major butt in your competitions over the next few months. Relax!!

  3. carrie…..did not know you had or have a weight watchers past… I am a lifetime member although its been many moons since I have been to a meeting..I should go back..So…chill..enjoy italy, but try to have a couple days where you don’t go super overboard on the goodies because I figure you will be beating yourself up alot about it.. The last thing I would want is an Ironman finisher beating me up..haha

  4. i agree with j.t. have a great time in italia and enjoy all the yummy food! 🙂 besides, hiking all over airports burns alot of calories too! 😉i can’t wait for all the pics!

  5. Taking a little break from your discipline is nothing but healthy. You need the pressure release so that you can get back into your training more relaxed and wanting the discipline instead of forcing it so that you are miserable. Of course, I say this having eaten two massive muffins today while I recover from a much smaller effort, so maybe I am justifying! 🙂 Have a great trip!

  6. I’m catching up with your posts. Italy, eating junk, and what’s next. Italy…post us all a ‘wish you were here’ card. Eating junk….I fall off the wagon every day with a big old pile of dessert. I hear ya! What’s next….the skies the limit and by the sound of it your on your way!

  7. Boy, do I hear you on the food fest stuff.I can rationalize sugar consumption like no ones business. I’ve given up drinking, sodas and several other bad habits, but can’t seem to break my sugar addiction….sigh. One day at a time, I suppose.Have fun in Italy and look forward to reading your next post.

  8. ya know what my new name for italy was when i came back?EATaly.i’m just sayin’. seriously, you can’t possible watch what you eat in that country. it’s sacrilegious to diet there. really, the pope might get upset, so have at it, and you can get back on track when you’re home. everything in balance right??oh, and when you’re in florence, YOU MUST eat lunch at Trattoria Mario near the mercato centrale.Via Rosina, 250123 Firenze (FI), Italy+39 055 218550’s mostly locals and they line up to get in. only open 12-3pm, closed sundays. the fresh pasta is killer as is the bistec fiorentino.also for dinner, WE FELL IN LOVE with Trattoria Sostanza near the piazza di santa maria novella. Via Del Porcellana, 25/R50123 Firenze (FI), Italy+39 055 212691you walk around the piazza past the museum and the art museum to via della scalla and then a left on via della porcellana. they have two seatings a night and you have to make reservations. we went there for thanksgiving and had the closest thing to turkey, their BUTTER CHICKEN. i still dream about it…i need to eat breakfast now

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