Holy Christ!

Sweet Jesus!! No, seriously…I mean it!  This guy is everywhere!! You can’t turn a corner without bumping into a basilica, church, altar, painting, sculpture or some other form of religious or historical significance in this country.

Having an AMAZING time. We’ve hit Rome and are currently getting ready to leave Florence for the hills of Tuscany for five days. Tomorrow, I will wake up on my 35th birthday (yikes!) in a Villa in the region of Chianti where the owners Guido and Martina will cook dinner for us for the next five days. I’m not kidding. Yes, this is what dreams are made of. 
The decadence of this country is overwhelming. I vascillate from being caught up in the luxury of chocolate, gelato, cappuchinos, pasta and a bottle of wine at every meal to being utterly disgusted by the self-gluttony I’m putting myself through.   I go to bed overwhelmingly full every night, but by lunchtime, I’m ready to do it all over again!
We’ve walked our tails into oblivion this week and have managed two runs. Rome isn’t a running town (picture Manhattan without Central Park), but Florence is slightly more friendly once you get out of the main part of town (and start at 7am). We did about 10 miles this morning running past more churches, over the Ponte Vechhio bridge, statues and the Piazza di Michaelangelo.
So much to say and so much more to come…Just a sample of what we’ve seen—Sistine Chapel, St. Peters, The Pope!, The Forum, The Coloseum, The Pantheon, David, The Pieta..and my mind has gone numb.
So many more pictures soon…not sure that we’ll have internet over the next several days!
I love this country!!!  Vespas, Smart Cars and bicycles everywhere! My kinda town….

10 thoughts on “Holy Christ!

  1. just dont get hit by any crazy vespa drivers…..look both ways….5 times…!!!!if you were in michelangelos neck of the woods, I at least expect you to paint a masterpiece in your free time. when your not eating all that….ohhh god, i’m hungry…enjoy and Happy Bee-Day

  2. Oh and I forgot to say Sweet Jesus, all 8 pounds and six ounces. God, please don’t let that be blasphemous, I already have enough troubles

  3. We are sitting here in Destin Florida enjoying the sun and surf. I meant to send you a message earlier to wish you a very Happy Birthday. I was thinking about you. Mom and Dad say “Hey Kiddo, Be Safe!” We are going to get Dad in the pool again for some more aqua therapy. His hand opened for the first time! Yeah.NKOTB looked awesome on the Today Show. Can’t wait to meet you for the concert. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Call when you get home. .26Me

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