It Ain’t Kona

Ahhh…the beauty of Lubbock and West Texas is overwhelming. It takes 6 1/2 hours to drive from Austin to Lubbock and you still end up in the middle of freakin’ god-forsaken nowhere Tex-ASS! Of course, there were many lovely sites to behold along the way, some of which were simply irresistible to pass up.

I don’t know what a “Mexican Pile On” is, but I’m pretty sure I want no part of it.

Do we really need a Wildlife Hall of Fame? 
Don’t deer heads and stuffed fish already adorn the walls of most Texan’s living rooms?
Outside of Lubbock near a town called Sweetwater (oxymoron), the subtle stench of oil begins–as does the sight of hundreds of these:

And these odd Area 51-like windmills that are strewn along the fields as far as the eye can see…What exactly are these space-age windmills powering? Only Dick Cheney knows for sure…
When we arrived in Lubbock, we expected the town to be all about Triathlon. 
Instead, we were greeted with this:

And this:

Oh wait! The four-star hotel in town (and the race expo site)was very welcoming:

Lubbock certainly does have its charm and a slew of famous musicians, including Buddy Holly.
The day before the race, we drove the bike course and experienced another West Texas natural phenomenon. Because it’s so flat, you can see storms brewing from miles away. (Either that, or North Korea was in town for a little “site visit.”)
This photograph was a good indication of what was to come on race day, but more on that later!


14 thoughts on “It Ain’t Kona

  1. Mexican Pile-On4 lbs. hamburger3 onions (chopped)2 cans whole tomatoes1 lg. can tomato sauce4 TBSP Chili powder2-3 TBSP garlic salt1 lg. can ranch style beansBrown the meat. Add remaining ingredients. Simmer for 2 hours on the stove, or 5 hours in the Crock Pot on low.Serve in this order:1) 1-2 bags Fritos or Doritos2) Cooked white rice3) Meat Sauce4) 1 lb. grated cheese5) 2 heads lettuce (chopped)6) 7 tomatoes (chopped)7) 1 lg. jar black olives (sliced)8) 1 10 oz. pkg. pecans (chopped)9) 1 8 oz. can shredded coconut10) 1 lg. jar Picante Sauce (mild, medium or hot)

  2. I was LMAO at the mexican pile on but now it is just making me hungry. LOL! Those were some classic. Welcome Triathlon..WTH?!Just the triathlon, not you guys right. Caddy I am looking forward to this report, chickie don;t make me beg for it. So wait a minute it is flat out there? Making mental not if this is tru then maybe I have found my dream 70.3.Then again you are in Austin so it could just be in the relative sense.

  3. You are sooo witty! I love it! Great “thumbs up” pic, too. I tried to get in on the half-off pricing for 2009, but it was gone in less than 3 hours. 😦

  4. Ha-ha, funny pictures! There are actually windmills on the south and north parts of the Big Island. But you’ll know you’re not in TexASS because of the ocean in the background. That storm looks to like it’ll generate lots of electricity.Congrats on your race!!

  5. oil derrick and windmills??? man, thats the old technology meeting the new…holy moly….i am hungry for one of those mexican pile ons….ummmmmm ummYour’e a hoot

  6. The big windmills are spooky to me. We always enjoy seeing stores with names like “Beer, Bait and Ammo” when where traveling in Texas.Great race out there! Looking forward to the full race report 🙂

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