Autographs, Please

On Monday, my running coach Gilbert asked if I would be a part of a TV interview with him on about coaching success stories. Our local CBS affiliate teamed up with local running store Runtex to produce weekly segments on health and fitness in a segment called “Austin Fit.” So, with no real details about what I was to do or talk about, I showed up at Runtex Tuesday at Noon along with a few other Gazelles that Gilbert had hand-picked to be a part of this segment.

The story was on the importance of coaching and it focused on people who have overcome “obstacles” in their lives with the help of a coach. I felt so inadequate because I was amongst fellow runners who had survived major medical issues: morbid obesity, cancer, blood clots, colitis…I was just an overweight lazy person who was on the brink of becoming obese when I started running.

However, I’m honored that Gilbert pulled me aside and asked me to tell my story–as brief and insignificant as it is. He coaches from his heart and has taught me to live from my heart. I’m so glad I put my fears and low self esteem aside three years ago and decided to sign up for his training program. As I’ve said so many times before (and again on camera), I’ve been changed from the outside in thanks to fitness and exercise. When I moved to Austin ten years ago, I could barely run a mile and I was too intimidated to even walk into “the running store” for fear that they would laugh me right out of the building. Now, I’m doing TV stories with them. I guess it is a success story of sorts.

Check out the two TV segments below. The first story is about the importance of getting a coach and the second video is my little segment.

And now…I’m going to go meet with my agent about being on the Oprah and Ellen shows 😉

Click HERE for story above about getting a coach

Click HERE for my story

11 thoughts on “Autographs, Please

  1. Superfreakingawesome. There are a lot more people out there who are just unfit or unused to exercise than people who have serious medical issues to overcome, and your example can appeal to that group. I was one of them, too, and to hear you say it in your interview, that you were “just lazy” but that now you have gotten faster and more confident, is going to encourage a lot of folks. Nice!

  2. Congrats on the media coverage!How much a month would you say you spend on classes, gym/club memberships, coaching, etc? With all the marathoning and traveling I do right now, I know I can’t really stick to any class schedules or group coaching programs very well but in a couple years I should be able to, which might make them worthwhile. Just want to get an idea of what to expect.

  3. Carrie, What a wonderful interview. I love when you say that…It changed me from the outside in. Everytime I hear that it gives me chills. It is so true! I see it happening in with in me daily. Where do we send our pre paid self addresses envelope for the autographs??I did that for a Tom Sellek autograph when I was 9 our secret..k

  4. great job in telling your story….you are a natural in front of the camera…. we will get you on oprah for sure….i love how you said the word regime…. kinda like genre….very cool…gilbert seems like a super coach

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