We’re Not So Different After All

OK y’all– it’s starting to border on abuse (I say with a smirk)

Monday: 10 Mile Pace Run and Corture Class at Jack and Adams

Tuesday: Swim Class AM and T3 Spin Class from hell in the evening with Coach Pain

Wednesday: Gazelle Run which was a 7-mile Fartlek style run (we warmed up for 20 minutes, then went 3min hard, 1 min easy, 2 min hard, 1 min easy, 1 min hard and 1 min easy x3 rounds!) I’ll say this…that seven miles flew by quickly. Coach decided to surprise us on the trail and join for the last couple of repeats making us sing his wonderful Burundian chants. Yeah-the only problem with that is we were wiped out from the actual running portion of the day so it sounded more like perverted heavy breathing than actual chanting.

I hit J&A Corture again on Wednesday night and drug my co-worker Matt and hubster along for the abuse. It’s so much easier to go with others because we can at least spend the last 30 minutes talking about where we want to go for dinner. In our case, we hit sushi afterward! (and ice cream)

Thursday AM: This morning, I met Gazelle Rachel for a 7-mile recovery run, which apparently wasn’t much of a recovery since we were both a little winded and beat afterwards. We ended up averaging about 9:05s, which is a little brisk for this type of run. I guess the conversation was just that juicy!! (I always learn interesting things from Rachel) 🙂

Tonight, my plan is to do a land swim workout with pull-cords and the Swimervals DVD because I have to meet Amy at the ass-crack of dawn to do my 18-mile long run tomorrow at 5:30am. She’s out of town this weekend and doesn’t like to do her long runs alone. I’m a sucker so we’re a good pair. Actually, it works out perfectly and allows me to do my long bike ride on Saturday morning. I’m still up in the air as to whether I want to ride with T3 or head out for my first spin on the new Longhorn 70.3 course (modified slightly from last year). I’m thinking it’s time to see the course again!

We’re heading to San Antonio Saturday afternoon to visit the in-laws and get caught up on Shawn’s Dad’s arm rehab from his bike crash several weeks ago. He didn’t have to have surgery, but the rehab has been pretty extensive. I’m guessing I can’t convince him to go for a spin even though he’d probably like nothing more than to be on his Serotta again.

So yeah, I’m thinking we’re all a little like the cracked-out Amy Winehouse. Don’t you bitch and moan sometimes about having to train only to feel so freaking good and euphoric when you’re done? Don’t you get grumpy and irritated when you miss a session or can’t get your fix? Don’t you reach a certain tolerance level that makes you want to go higher, farther and faster?

I thought so…

“They tried to make me go to rehab, but I said No, No No”


11 thoughts on “We’re Not So Different After All

  1. I thought I was like Amy Winehouse b/c of my continued drug and alcohol abuse. But yeah, I’m pretty sure most non-tri peeps thing we’re junkies hell bent on killing ourselves.

  2. Good call – I know I’m addicted, but at least it’s a healthy addiction (well, sometimes it don’t feel so good, but surely it’s still healthy!).

  3. I’m not addicted. I can quit anytime I want. And I’m not bothering anybody else with it. What I do on my time is my business. Now leave me alone!

  4. ope you have a great weekend with the outlaws. hehee I love to say that I think I am all funny. Hope the FIL is doing better from his bike accident. That is just sad all that coke in her nose. I do love me that song though, “You Know I’m Not Good” hmmm really?!

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