How I Feel at the Moment

…which is ironic since I’m typing this at work at 7pm on a Tuesday evening when I should be sitting on my bike cursing my T3 Coaches for putting me through the ringer once again.
Oh well…at least I hit the T3 swim class this morning and had a decent workout. Since when did only one workout a day constitute me being a lazy slacker?
I’m off to finish some press releases and media inquiries for the Texas Nursery and Landscape Expo this weekend in Houston. Don’t be jealous…

12 thoughts on “How I Feel at the Moment

  1. by the time I left the soul-less corporate world I thought I’d shoot somebody if I had to write another press release. So no jealousy there – but the two-a-days I am totally jealous about!

  2. think about the days when a one mile walk would have been a major deal….man, you have made huge huge strides…. ironman….speed merchant.. quipster…when or if I grow up, I wanna be like you……(in a man kinda way of course)

  3. i’ve never sweat as much in my LIFE as i did today at spin.i kid you not, the pad on my shorts was dripping down my leg it was so soaked, as i walked to my car THAT is some serious sweat.

  4. hi,I am michelle from Tuesday/Thursday gazelle. Always love reading your blog. Interesting though, my dad’s tree farm will also be at the expo….check it out… Twinlakesnurseryltd.comDidn’t know you were in this line of work. Great!

  5. I feel the exact same way rite now!Would love some wine… or sangria! 🙂But soon I will be heading to the gym for a swim and spinning.have a great rest of the week!P

  6. I can bring the cheese for the wine. Hang in there Caddy it looks like you missed a serious butt kicking. But I know you would have enjoyed it cause we are sick like that.

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