USA Ironman Relay Dream Team

The USA Men’s Basketball Team has their official “Dream Team” comprised of the best U.S. Basketball players. Can you imagine if we could put together an American Olympic Ironman Relay Team?  That would be one freakin’ fast race! 

Imagine if you will…
Swimming: Michael Phelps
Biking: Lance Armstrong
Running: Ryan Hall
Swimming: Natalie Coughlin
Biking: Kristen Armstrong (no relation to Lance)
Running: Deena Kastor
Who would you pick???
I’m guessing it would be an epic battle for gold with the Australians, although I’ve never heard of a super fast Australian marathoner. This also might be one event where an American crosses the finish line ahead of a Kenyan in a marathon!! I’m guessing Phelps and Armstrong would sweep the first two legs of the race! 

11 thoughts on “USA Ironman Relay Dream Team

  1. But wait…. isn’t the Triathlon at the Olympics an Olympic distance race? You need a 10K sprint machine, not a marathoner, right?I think your teams look great although you might want to substitute Armstrong with the guy who just beat him in Leadville.

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