How to LOSE Friends and Influence People

Here’s a sure-fire way to ensure that people never want to come visit you again…Make them work out with you! My friend Tracy from Ohio ( is in Austin this week for a big Keller-Williams real estate cult fest (oops, I mean seminar) and she’s staying at “The B.” That’s the fancy name for “our house.”

Don’t get me wrong, Tracy is a total bad-ass. She was a collegiate swimmer and she’s a multi-Ironman Finisher. She’s also a swim coach currently in Columbus. In fact, we met through a mutual friend, Karl, at the Vineman 70.3 in 2005 where she proceeded to leave us all in the dust.

So, while her colleagues are having late dinners, happy hours and way too much to drink, we’re getting our butts up a 5am to hit the trail, core class and the pool. And I’ll be damned if she isn’t holding her own!! On Monday, she only wanted to go for a 30-min jog because of a lingering calf injury. I made her run for over 55 minutes in the dark. She took it like a champ. On Monday evening, we hit corture class at Jack and Adams. Once again, she assumed the plank position as if she was born to be a pilates guru. This morning, we went to swim practice and she turned into Mrs. Michael Phelps. While we had to cut practice short because she had to be downtown by 8am, it was still a solid 2000m set.

The rest of the week holds even more hell including a Gazelle workout tomorrow morning and a possible corture repeat. We’ll hit swim again on Thursday morning and then we pick her husband up at the airport. On Friday morning, Bob, Tracy, Shawn AND moi are going for a long run and a soak in Barton Springs. This weekend, there are also tons of events in town including the Zilker Relays, Human Race 10k and the Austin Tri. Most importantly though–college football kicks off this weekend so we’ll go watch the Buckeyes trash up on Youngstown State and I have tickets to the Longhorn football game on Saturday night! What a great weekend!!!

My goal is to entice Bob and Tracy to move here at some point. Unfortunately, I think I’ve convinced them to stay as far away as possible!!


10 thoughts on “How to LOSE Friends and Influence People

  1. Heck, you don’t have to be from out-of-town to feel the wrath of Carrie….I was invited to the Wednesday morning workout and blew out my hamstring during the drills. Couldn’t event get to the workout…too much!

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