21 Mile Run and T3 Practiceman

So much thanks goes out to those crazy T3 Coaches who had the hair-brained idea of staging “Practice Man,” a dress rehearsal of the upcoming Longhorn Ironman 70.3.  Of course, the training was followed by a huge Team Picnic out at Decker Lake, giving all of us the chance to catch up with our pals, meet new nutty tri geeks and eat Blythe’s Bailey and Cream Cupcakes (and cookies, and salsa, and bison burgers and chips and fruit and…and…and…) 

I didn’t wear a watch for my 3-Loop swim, but I felt decent for 90% of it and that’s all that matters to me. After the swim, we very leisurely (why can’t all races be this chill?!) headed to our bikes and rode the entire 56-mile course on picture-perfect cycling day….cloud cover for most of the ride and very little wind.
Unfortunately for a lot of us, several unmarked turns led to 60-65 mile rides, but it’s all in a days’ work, right? It only made the T3 Cookie Cake taste that much better upon arrival back into the park. Despite the 75 or so people, I was by myself for a majority of the ride, except for a wonderful stretch where I hung on with Betty and David.  At the 20 mile mark (near the invisible Monkey Road)–yes, MONKEY ROAD, my speedometer was at 17mph. I finished the ride at 17.7mph avg and felt great.  Well…as great as someone could feel having run 21 miles the day before. So much left in the gas tank! Did I go for a short run afterward?? Hell no! But I did hop in my car and start riding the course backwards to make sure people still out there were doing o.k. and had plenty to drink. Both Shawn and Richard were out there riding the course for the first time, so I wanted to make sure they weren’t completely lost and out of fluids. I found them with a pack of people about 5 miles out so I headed back to the park and threw my bison burgers at Chef Logan for some grillin’ action!
Thanks T3 for another shot at success (and utter gluttony)!

Jerry is flanked by Cindy and a new T3er whose name I should remember, but don’t

Lisa, Vegas and Tom working hard in T4 (drinking and eating transition)

Coach Mo wondering who the hell is going to help clean up!

Paul and Travis…LSU alums and T3 friends (despite the fact that LSU spanked the Buckeyes)

Put it this way…the dude in the background is NOT fishing

David and Coach Logan-where are the single ladies?!? 

Short Order Grill Cook Logan 

Betty and Erin still smilin’ as always! (it helps when the workout is over and beer is in hand)

Team Barrett playing the part of “triathletes”


10 thoughts on “21 Mile Run and T3 Practiceman

  1. Great training, and what a fun practice/picnic. I love Decker Lake and that area…I did a Danskin there 🙂That was really nice that you went back to check on other cyclists. Glad you had fun – the food sounds good!!

  2. Thanks again for having me out there – it really made the distance seem a lot more “approachable” to get out there and knock it down. Now I just need to see if I can get a couple of folk together to do it again on the 20th…

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