My Version of "The Hills"

Wow…I actually went to a gym in Orange County, CA this morning that has valet parking. Seriously…valet parking at the gym??
What is wrong with these people?
I’m sure they thought something was wrong with me as I pulled up in my rental Ford Mustang and snapped a picture of the fancy cars parked out front….Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari…  I’m guessing these are people who don’t sweat a whole lot. 
Well, they were in for a real treat when the Clampetts (oops, I mean the Barretts) from Austin, Texas walked in with their swim gear and a free one-week pass!  Yee-haw, baby!! The LA Sports Club will never be the same after we leave. I think I should pee in the pool just to leave my mark, ya think?
Gotta love L.A.
It’s actually been quite the weekend. What a tremendous blessing it has been getting to visit with and talk to my sister-in-law who is still in the hospital. Her positive spirit and energy permeate all of us who continue to pray for her recovery.  Thanks to all of the well-wishes and comments. She is honored to have so many strangers sending some positive energy in her direction.
I only wish my Buckeyes could’ve gotten some of that positive energy this past weekend against USC. Holy Moly!!! What an embarrassment. You know what?! It was still a wonderful time and a great atmosphere. The USC fans were first-class. (except for the slutty chick doing a keg stand on campus before the game).
The rest of our week will be laced with more hospital visits and day trips to some amazing parts of Southern California including La Jolla, San Diego and the Temecula Wine Region (shocking, I know)…We hope to rent some roadies for the day to get our long ride in and we both have to squeeze in a 20+ miler somewhere along the way.  It’s going to be a great week!!
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7 thoughts on “My Version of "The Hills"

  1. i think in l.a. they hire someone to sweat for them…..obviously just kidding……or was I??enjoy the week….make sure you get some bike rides in…yes yes yes…facebook ehhh??? look out

  2. Valet parking at a gym?! LOL!!Have fun in North San Diego. I went to grad school there and love visiting. Definitely some good cycling, swimming & running to be done. Hope you brought your wetsuit, though, if you swim. The ocean is usually like 60-65 degs!

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