Disneyworld for Triathletes!

Who needs this??

When You’ve Got This–

and this!

Hubster and I are off to KONA to tailgate with some of the Jack and Adam’s Crew at the Ironman World Championships this weekend and fantasize what it would be like if one day I were to become a princess and marry my prince charming…oops wait…wrong fairytale. Who am I kidding?! I’ve already done that! Nope, we’ll be fantasizing about doing that race someday when my golden slipper is actually a shimano shoe and my stage coach is my Guru Crono at the Ironman World Championships in Kona.

Cinderella and Ironman athletes do have one thing in common though…neither wants to see the stroke of Midnight or bad things happen.

Check back this weekend for fun updates and photos of the Ironman World Championships! I’ll also be posting on my Facebook page as well.

There are several Austin triathletes doing the race, but Gazelle teammates Desiree Ficker and Pat Evoe get special shoutouts!!! (and photo credits above)



5 thoughts on “Disneyworld for Triathletes!

  1. Have a wonderful time you two! I have to say does looke much better than Mickey..LOL! Keep us posted with cool pics. PS I have no doubt you will be there someday in the not to distant future and not spectating.

  2. Sweet! You so lucky!Have a great trip, and take extra careful notes for the day when your fairy godmother (I mean coach) finally sends you off to the biggest ball of all!

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