Race Day In Kona!

The sun comes up around 6am in Kona. How do I know this? Because Shawn and I were sleeping in the car when the sun started to rise. We found a great parking spot just off Ali’i Drive at 4:30am and attempted to fall back asleep.

We had dinner down here last night and the town was surprisingly subdued. Well–the only thing that wasn’t subdued were the triathlete outfits! Are we the worst dressed athletes in sports, or what?!  People–enough of the knee high compression socks. They won’t make you faster and they certainly don’t make you look better.
We’ve been having a blast this morning–got to watch the swim start and the cycling “hot spot” where we caught three glimpses of the bike before they headed out to the Queen K.  After that, Shawn, Jack, Cassie and I headed to the nearest sports bar to watch the UT/OU football game!  Gotta love a victory shot at 9am!!
More soon!!

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